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How to use the Event Cost Calculator

1. Choose the office nearest to your event
2. Choose a Movie Screen Size
3. Enter the Date of the event
4. Enter the Zip Code of the event site
5. Enter your Name, Organization and Email Address
6. Click on the CALCULATE button
7. Check your email inbox for estimated price quote

Which office is nearest to your event:
  Minneapolis, MN
  Detroit, MI
  Chicago, IL

GL-16 16 ft x 9 ft Up to 200
GL-20 20 ft x 11 ft Up to 300
GL-25 25 ft x 14 ft Up to 400
GL-30 30 ft x 17 ft Up to 700
GL-40 40 ft x 22.5 ft Up to 1500

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How can we receive discounted pricing?

Great Lakes Outdoor Cinema offers discounts for booking events during off-peak months and off-peak days of the week. See the discount percentage rate for off-peak months and days below. Discount percentages are calculated from the base price. Travel expenses will be added to the discounted rate.

Off-Peak Months


  • May 10% off
  • October 10% off
  • November thru March 25% off

Off-Peak Days


  • Sunday thru Thursday 10% off

Both discounts can apply (Month + Day) to receive discounts of up to 35% off. All discounts will be itemized on the emailed price quote.