Movie Selection

There are three elements to outdoor cinema:  the outdoors, the social experience and THE MOVIE. Choosing the right movie for your audience is important to the success of your event.

So which movie will you choose? Comedy, Drama, Action, Blockbuster, Classic, Documentary, Independent Film? It’s all up to you.

Be aware that some studios, such as Disney, have restrictions on the use of their films in outdoor settings.  Typically Disney does not allow their movies to be shown outdoors between the months of June through Mid-August.

We can help you choose films that have the widest appeal for your target audience.  Here is a link to the Top 25 Most Requested Family Movie Titles for this year.  

If you are hosting your own family outdoor movie night on your property, you won’t need a public viewing license. Or if you are showing content that you created or have the rights to you won't need a public viewing license. Most of our clients need larger venues and do need to acquire the license.  We cannot purchase the license for you but we will show you exactly how to obtain it. It is a very simple process.

See our film licensing page for more details.