Event Policies


Reservations are made on a first-come first-served basis and are tentative until secured with a non-refundable deposit and signed event agreement. When the deposit is received, Great Lakes Outdoor Cinema's services are guaranteed at your event on that date.

Film Licensing

Our fee does not include the cost of the film license that is required for a public viewing.  As the equipment provider, we are not allowed to obtain the license for you (the end user). We will supply you with the film licensing contact information and help guide you through the simple process of ordering the movie title. The licensing fees range from $250 to $450 depending on many different factors that are always changing.  The fee structure may change if you plan on charging admission to your event.

See our film licensing page for more information.

Other Media

Our technicians are willing to present more than just the movie. You can present sponsorship ads, slides, on-screen video games, music videos, live camera feeds, announcements and more. Your choices of media and advertisements should be submitted to us one month prior to your event. We cannot guarantee the performance of your media if we are not able to test it on our system prior to the event.

Let us know if you need assistance preparing any pre-movie media. We will quote you an hourly rate for video encoding, graphic design and DVD authoring services.

Weather Policies

If the weather looks threatening (imminent rain, rain, looming thunder clouds, dangerous winds capable of damaging equipment) we reserve the right to protect our own equipment by canceling set-up/production. Great Lakes Outdoor Cinema reserves the right to delay set-up or pause the production until suitable weather conditions exist. It is at the discretion of Great Lakes Outdoor Cinema to decide whether the event will be called off due to inclement weather. Should we decide to cancel, read about our Weather Guarantee and re-scheduling policy.

Event Liability Insurance

Any accident involving Great Lakes Outdoor Cinema's equipment or employees to any outside participant(s) is covered by our event liability insurance coverage. You may request to be additionally insured under our policy at your events. We carry a minimum of one million dollars liability.

Set-Up Procedure

Great Lakes Outdoor Cinema begins set-up at the customer’s specified time (typically 5 – 6pm). The inflatable screen will typically be set up within one hour. Audio testing begins shortly after the screen is standing. Projection test will begin at dusk. The movie screen will be deflated 15 minutes after the end of the movie unless otherwise specified by the customer. All equipment will be packed up no longer than 90 minutes after the completion of the movie.


A 50% deposit is required to secure the event date. The balance is due prior to set-up at the event.