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  Detroit, MI

GL-16 16 ft x 9 ft Up to 200
GL-20 20 ft x 11 ft Up to 300
GL-25 25 ft x 14 ft Up to 400
GL-30 30 ft x 17 ft Up to 700

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How can we receive discounted pricing?

Great Lakes Outdoor Cinema offers discounts for booking events during off-peak months and off-peak days of the week. We also offer discounted pricing for doing multiple shows throughout the summer. See the discount percentage rate for off-peak months and days below. Discount percentages are calculated from the base price. Any travel expenses/mileage fees can not be discounted and will be added after the discount.

Off-Peak Months


  • May 10% off
  • October 10% off

Off-Peak Days


  • Sunday thru Thursday 10% off
Consider doing your event during the week and take advantage of our off-peak days. Contact us about any further discounts we can offer for your off-peak day.